Atlanta Preschool Program

Opening Doors to Academic
Excellence and Character

Through our Preschool Enrichment Program, we are opening doors to your child’s entry to the academic world. But apart from academic excellence, we also want to instill values that are as critical as academic knowledge. This helps us target a balanced approach towards their development. 

To help us guide your children throughout this program, we use two outstanding curricula: The Creative Curriculum and the A Beka Book curriculum. Here, students gain a wealth of knowledge through textbooks and materials that reflect the very best in  traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths.

Education Programs

Our Preschool Enrichment Program is divided into two groups: K3 and K4. 

Our K3 Enrichment Program is highly focused on helping your children communicate. Apart from teaching them the building blocks of communication such as the alphabet and numbers, we also begin to harness their conversational and analytical skills. 

Goals and Objectives: 

  • Proper way of holding/gripping of  writing tools such as pencils and crayons
  • Tracing the alphabet and numbers
  • Tracing their own names
  • Understand and follow class schedules and rules
  • Respect classroom environment by keeping things clean and organized
  • Recognize numbers 1 thru 10
  • Speak in complete sentences
  • Communicate their own ideas
  • Ask questions and provide answers

Our K4 Enrichment Program is focused on preparing your children for the big school, which can be an overwhelming process for a child. With this, we take extra caution throughout the program to make sure your child is prepared for the big leagues at all fronts: physically, mentally, socially, and academically. 

We begin to introduce them to more complex concepts that will help them deconstruct lessons, instructions, and materials provided to them once they step into formal education. 

Goals and Objectives:

  • Writing their full name (first and last name)
  • Recognizing names and identifying the use of upper and lower case letters
  • Writing, spelling out, and reading Pre-primer sight worlds
  • Introduction to Spanish – colors, numbers, and simple greetings
  • Comparing, classifying, and measuring objects
  • Building leadership skills through understanding and accepting responsibilities
  • Increasing attention span for at least 15 minutes – for instructions and assignment completion
  • Achieving mastery of concepts presented through our literacy program
  • Read age-appropriate books independently and gain appreciation for the importance of reading. 


Infant Class: $325/ week
Toddler Classes:
$250/ week
Preschool K3/K4:
$225/ week

Please contact us for multiple children discounts.


3-4 years old

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