Atlanta Child Care Programs

Catalysts For Your Child's
Holistic Development

Our Atlanta child care programs are designed to help bring out the full potential in your child. We’re not here to measure them against standards and benchmarks, but we are here to help them discover and unlock their abilities, cultivating these to help them gain a better foothold towards their future. 

Our principle in our approach is simple: development in all aspects. We believe that the key your child’s success takes root in different aspects of their growth: Academic, Emotional, Physical, Mental and even Spiritual. These are the core foundations that we seek to establish in all the programs that we offer here at APEC Prep.

To achieve these, we’ve gathered only the best curriculum to augment our programs. From The Creative Curriculum to the Abeka Book Program, each of our classes are designed to facilitate growth at all fronts. So when you enroll your child in APEC Prep, you’re not just preparing them for the future, you’re actually setting them up for life.

Enrollment requirements:

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