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APEC Testimonials

” I enjoyed having meaningful discussion with the kids. It is clear APEC is a leading organization that promotes the positive growth of children. The APEC students had a lot of of  creative ideas and meaningful comments to bring to the lesson on character traits, self esteem and motivation.”
“I really enjoyed watching the kids eagerly engaging in the discussion on self-esteem and positive character traits. At such a young age, they were already so knowledgeable, prepared and excited to learn new perspectives, and because of that, I enjoyed my time with the youth at APEC Learning Center.  We went in to teach them, but in the end, we ended up learning a thing or two and that’s always a plus in my book!”
Thank You!
Cassandra Washington

I believe the community service event with APEC was a success, an enjoyable and educational experience.  Students/Children need more role models like Sakeena Morgan to get involved with after school and summer programs. It gives them a chance to express themselves in a more engaging learning environment and an opportunity for teachers and mentors to be a better influence in smaller class size.

Cornelius Walker

“I thought the activities went well. The topic that you chose was great and very relevant to their age group. Also, the size of the group wasn’t too big or too small and there were just enough volunteers to keep the flow of the activity steady.”

Myraka Johnson

APEC Learning Center has given our daughter excellent care! Their staff is so wonderful and encouraging to our family.


Lisa Sandervich - parent