Infant and Toddler Programs

Creativity, Confidence and Independence in the Early Years

Our Infant and Toddler Programs are designed to build confidence, creativity, and encourage play and exploration in young ones, as young as 6 weeks old. This program is based on The Creative Curriculum, which is known for its emphasis on using individualized strategies to build on a child’s strengths and abilities. 

Infant and Toddler Programs

Our Infant/Toddler programs are divided into three classes, depending on your child’s age and readiness. 

Our infant program is carefully designed to accommodate infants as young as 6 weeks old. Each infant is provided with an individual feeding plan and a designated crib. We engage children in physical activities that encourage muscle development and use of their five senses. 

Goals and Objectives: 

  • Walking
  • Picking up items with fingers
  • Drinking from a sippy cup
  • Recognize own name when called
  • Acknowledge parents and teachers when called by name
  • Aware of personal conditions – when wet, soiled, etc.

Once infants become mobile and are able to walk, we transition them to Toddler 1. In Toddler 1, children are exposed to routines and schedules that help them gain confidence and a sense of security as they continue to mature and develop. We continue to help them gain independence throughout day to day tasks and challenges. 

Goals and Objectives: 

  • Independent feeding using proper utensils
  • Drinking from an open cup
  • Dressing independently
  • Returning items to their proper location
  • Understanding routines and schedules
  • Sing nursery rhymes from memory
  • Attentively listen to short stories
  • Pronounce name and identify familiar objects
  • Follow one-step directions independently

Our Toddler 2 Program puts emphasis on helping children express themselves through words and actions, as well as handle more complex tasks. We now begin to focus on early academic skills such as shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and colors. On top of this, we also begin to instill values such as cooperation and sharing.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Using the toilet and handwashing
  • Following 2-step directions independently
  • Speaking clearly and correctly
  • Identifying basic shapes and colors
  • Participating in table activities for 5 minutes
  • Painting with a paint brush
  • Sorting like items 
  • Working and playing with others well
  • Understanding the concept of sharing

Tuition and Fees:

Infant Class: $325/ week
Toddler Classes: $250/ week

Please contact us for multiple children discounts.


6 weeks to 24 months

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