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APEC Infant and Toddler Program

APEC Infant and Toddler ProgramAPEC Infant and Toddler Program uses the The Creative Curriculum® which is widely regarded as a forward-thinking, comprehensive, rigorously researched curriculum approach that honors creativity and respects the role that teachers play in making learning exciting and relevant for every child.

Each child shall substantially know the following before transitioning out of this classroom:

APEC Infant and Toddler Programs

Infant Goals and Objectives

  • How to walk
  • How to pick u small items with index finger and thumb
  • How to drink from a sippy cup
  • Recognize own name when called
  • Acknowledges teachers & parents when called by name
  • Is aware of personal conditions; knows when wet, soiled, etc

Toddler 1 Goals and Objectives

  • How to feed themselves using proper utensils
  • How to drink from an open cup
  • How to dress self
  • How to return to ys to proper location
  • Understand the routines and schedules
  • Sing nursery rhymes from memory
  • Attentively listen to short stories
  • Pronounce name and identify familiar objects
  • Follow one step directions independently

Toddler 2 Goals and Objectives

  • How to use the toilet including hand washing
  • Follows 2 step directions independently
  • S peaks clearly and correctly
  • How to identify basic shapes and colors
  • How to participate in table activities for 5 minutes
  • Paint with paint brush
  • Sort like items
  • Can work and play with others well; understands the concept of sharing

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